Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tutorial: Glitter in the Air

I recently bought some new NYX glitter and I am in love with it. I would love to glitter everything, but that isn't exactly practical. Reality can bite it.
Sorry for the tangent! Anyways, today's look is all about the sparkle. I used makeup grade glitter in this look, but remember to be careful when using anything with glitter near the eye! If used incorrectly, it can really irritate your eye. Click through for a full tutorial! Here's a sneak peek:
NYX glitter and HiP eyeliner

1. Start off with a clean eye and apply Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original or any other cream primer.
2. Apply HiP Color Chrome Liner in Silver Lightning all over your lid and smudge before it dries. This will ensure a beautiful shimmery base. If you don't have this pencil available, you can use the Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot by MAC or any silver base. Just make sure to smudge out the edges. You want a shimmery, gauzy finish... not a gaudy one.
3. Pat on NYX glitter in Disco Ball all over the lid and above the crease. It is a beautiful silver that reflects all the colors of the rainbow. Do NOT swipe it! You will send the glitter flying everywhere. If you wish, you can apply an adhesive like Fyrrinae Pixie Epoxy on top of the liner first. It just depends on the endurance level you are looking for.
4. Apply a hot pink shimmery shadow around the tear duct and smudge into the silver. It should make a statement without looking shocking.
5. Put Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero along the lash lines on top and bottom. Smudge and let dry. Apply mascara if you wish!


  1. Love love love this! I'm going to try this look this week :-)