Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NARS Wicked Quasi-Dupe

 While rummaging through the hoard that is my makeup case I found an old Covergirl trio of eyeshadows that looked kind of messy and dated. I sat them on my dresser to get rid of... and promptly forgot about them.
Well, later last night I pulled out my NARS eyeshadow duo in Wicked. Looking up, I saw the Covergirl trio... and it was magic. The swatches come out very close. I'm not a big fan of Covergirl shadows, because I feel like the quality could be better. However, the understated greens of these two were so similar!

Wicked has two greens. The one on the left is a soft shimmery mint, and the right is a glowy soft lime. These are not in-your-face crazy colors. Now the Covergirl trio features Green Velvet, Seafoam, and Sun Sparkle. I only used Seafoam and Sun Sparkle for this comparison. 

Seafoam is very close to the right side of the NARS duo. It has the same general shimmer; the only difference is a slight mute of color. There isn't as much of a "glow". As for Sun Sparkle, as compared to the left side, It also is very similar. The Covergirl version has a tiny hint more yellow.
with Flash; L to R: Sun Sparkle, Seafoam, Wicked duo

In sunlight, the colors look basically the same, except for the lime Wicked shadow. It's more vivid.

My verdict? Not exactly the same. The tones of the two sets are off. I call this kind of conparison a quasi-dupe, because they're not exactly a dupe, but they could easily be used in the place of the original. Since they are so very close, it would be worth it to have the dupe, as opposed to a $30+ eyeshadow.

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