Friday, September 2, 2011

E.L.F. Studio Line Pigment Review and Swatches

     Hello dolls! Today's review is on the E.L.F. Studio Line Pigments. Let me say right off that these are not pigments in the traditional MAC sense. MAC makes pigments that are literally that. pigment. They can be used on the eyes, lips, anything, because they are pure color! 
     However, E.L.F. is a little misleading with this product. These are pigment eyeshadows, not actual pigments. These really should only go on the eye area. They work well as shadows, but I wanted to say that right up front. Eyeshadows have extra bases added to them that pigments do not.

Let me say right off that the packaging is to die for. I normally could care less about what the packaging looks like, but the little clear cubes and professional-looking black suckered me in. Now as for the actual product, I was pretty impressed. The quality is more pigmented and prettier by far than the normal eyeshadows by E.L.F. The staying power isn't the best. Definitely use a primer with these!

These are not super glittery, so those of you who are afraid of shimmer... FEAR NOT! They do have a little bit, but not enough to scare anyone. Tropical Teal and Passionate Purple are both new to the Studio Line for Summer 2011. Tropical Teal leans more towards the green-based side of teal, with a little bit of blue shimmer. Passionate Purple is a true purple, not too blue or red based. Those of you with neutral skin tones will look amazing in that color!

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  1. im desperate to try out elf's products! i followed, lovely blog :) x