Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interview with Noella Beauty Works

In an effort to discover more and better makeup, I have been delving into the world of Indie cosmetics. My findings confirm exactly what I thought... there is some amazing makeup out there that doesn't make you pay top dollar. Starting today, I will be doing a series of interviews with some amazing, up-and-coming cosmetic brands. :D

Today's Indie cosmetic brand is....
My first impressions of the web page (click on name above to visit!) is that it is so clean and mellow. I love the modern hippie vibes I get from the models and makeup colors. With more digging, I found out that all of Noella's products are completely natural. These are eco-conscious, gentle on the skin, carefully made in small batches, and 100% cruelty free! It really doesn't get any better than this. Click through to read an interview with Jackie, the owner!
Sarah (me): Tell us your name and a little bit about your brand!
Jackie: My name is Jackie and I own Noella Beauty Works. I hand make my own natural cosmetics. I make eyeshadows, foundations, blush, bronzer, veils, and concealers. My line is always expanding, but I currently offer over 140 products!
Sarah: Where did the name of your brand come from? 
Jackie: My middle name is Noel. I wanted to use my name somewhere in my company name and I liked the idea of using Noel. However, it sounded a bit like a holiday, so I added an A at the end :) I also didn't want to use minerals or makeup in the name because I wanted to have the option to expand one day (I hope to eventually sell all kinds of handmade beauty products, not just makeup) so I used Beauty instead. 
Sarah: Where do you get inspiration to make your products? 
Jackie: Everywhere. Going to Sephora, Ulta and even walking through a drugstores cosmetics section is very inspirational. Seeing different kits, different products and colors makes me want to run home to my studio and start creating. I also try to pick up some sort of fashion magazine when I get to the store- they are full of inspiration!
Sarah: Do you prefer matte or shimmer in cosmetics? 
Jackie: I prefer shimmer for my eyeshadow but matte for everything else (foundation, bronzer, veil) I don't mind a little hint of shimmer in my blush.
Sarah: Do any musical and/or social influences affect your brand?
Jackie: I like mostly very mellow music like Lisa Hannigan, The Weepies & Gregory Alan Isakov (a few of my favorites), but also enjoy some upbeat music when I'm in the mood for it. I always have Pandora Radio on when I'm working. 
Sarah: Discuss any setbacks that your company has overcome. 
Jackie: I work all by myself and it can be exhausting. I've had to become very organized and learn to plan my day efficiently. Setting hours for myself, and aiming for small daily goals helps a lot. I give myself scheduled breaks and I go watch TV, do some housework or do some internet browsing (which usually ends up being work related searches! lol) to give myself some rest. I'd hire some help, but I a bit of a control freak. I have recruited my boyfriend before and he says I'm not a nice boss! I'm very particular about how my products are packaged, where things go and how they are made and usually end up taking over anyway. He now mostly does Post Office runs instead, when he leaves for school and work- which is a huge help.
Sarah: What are your favorite beauty products? 
Jackie: I love Clinique anything. They are my favorite brand of everything from face washes to lipstick.
Sarah: Do you prefer indie or commercial makeup? 
Jackie: I only wear my own makeup, I've never purchased from another Indie seller. Mostly, I prefer commercial makeup for the things that I don't make such as mascara, eyeliner, primers and lipsticks.
Sarah: Do you prefer natural or colorful, dramatic looks? 
Jackie: I prefer very soft, natural looks personally. I stick with soft browns, taupes and soft purple shades.
Sarah: Out of all the products you make, which one is your absolute favorite? 
Jackie: My eyeshadow in Honey Taupe. I wear it every day.
Sarah: What's the story behind that eyeshadow? 
Jackie: I actually made the shade for myself. I wanted a soft, neutral shade with a nice sheen and a honey golden undertone to it to bring out the green in my eyes.  
Sarah: Do you have any industry experience? 
Jackie: I haven't ever worked in a salon or a cosmetics store. However, my Mom is a beautician and her salon was in our house so I grew up around it. She has taught me a lot about cosmetology and been a huge influence.
Sarah: What do you consider as your "personal style"? 
Jackie: I have a very basic style. On almost any given day, I'm in solid color skinny jeans, a tank top & a cardigan.
Sarah: Tell us a fun fact we may not know about you! 
Jackie: I'm very quiet and shy!
Sarah: Do you have any new collections or sets coming soon? 
Jackie: I do plan to do some winter collections very soon!
Thank you so much Jackie, for taking the time to do this interview and letting us peek into the daily life of Noella Beauty Works. You can check out her website, Facebook, Twitter, and blog by clicking each. Check back soon for more posts and general chaos. <3

(All pictures, brands, and information was obtained and used with full permission. Post and intellectual property are owned by me.)

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