Monday, September 19, 2011

3rd and 4th Blog Awards!

I received this award from two different bloggers, so I am going to combine it into one post! Jowee and Essie both tagged me; thank you so much you two! I'm so honored to see that my musings might inspire someone else.
Now I am required to give 7 random facts about myself, and tag 15 people. I will be visiting blogs and plopping 'em down like the Tooth Fairy of awards... so be ready!

* I'm a certified makeup artist, and I enjoy building my portfolio.
* My musical taste range from chill to insane, hence the videos I post about once a week. :)
* I love food. Anyone who says that they don't like to eat is a liar.
* I'm from the deep South of the USA. However, I can hide my accent at will.
* I recently got a new camera, so look forward to better quality pictures!
* Meeting new people is awesome. Please feel free to chat at anytime. I'll always be a listening ear.
* I am cheap. I hit up sales and clearance for literally everything... except makeup. It's my one weakness.

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