Monday, May 16, 2011

Trucco Longwear Paint Review

I would just like to say that the skin on my arm is now very red looking from being scrubbed so much. You're welcome dear readers. :) Today's review is on Trucco Longwear Paints. I purchased several of them in Mulberry Muse for to see how they worked in relation to MAC Paints. (You can get four of the Trucco paints for $11 - $12 online.)
Trucco is a makeup brand that was higly established. However, it went out of business not too long ago. :( This means you can find their leftover product at a very good price though! You can get 5 or 6 of these paints for the price of 1 MAC Paint. But enough about the price! On to the quality.
As far as the color goes, Mulberry Muse is a deep brown with plummy undertones. It's almost matte, a little bit satin-y once it dries. I find it to be very pretty underneath a powder shadow or just by itself. Trucco was not lying when they put "Longwearing" in the name. I swatched the paint thinly and blended it, and also thick enough to see the color. Both swatches dried quickly and refused to budge. I literally rubbed and scrubbed at my arm to see if it would smudge. None. at all. It was like colored cement on my arm. However, I did find that it came off easily with soap and water. 
swatched thinly and blended
swatched a little thicker to show color
 Needless to say, I am super impressed with these. MAC Paints are comparable in quality, but I almost feel like the Trucco ones are more lasting. Also, these might be a good bet for those who feel that MAC Paints are too shimmery for their eyes. I've read a lot of complaints in reviews about that. Have you ever tired any Trucco products? COmment and let me know what you think about them!

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