Saturday, May 21, 2011

Super Awesome Series - Mystique

This is the first villain in our series, so I decided to do it and do it big! (Also, I am using the comic book villain for inspiration, not the character from the movie)

Mystique is a villain in the X-Men comics. Also known as Raven Darkholme, she founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This girl has worked for the US and German governments, as well as the Freedom Fighters.
Click through to see her abilities, my look, and list of products used!

"Mystique is a mutant metamorph. She can psionically shift the atoms and molecules of her body and of whatever clothing she is wearing so as to change her and its appearance. As a result she can cause herself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any human, humanoid, or semi-humanoid being of either sex, wearing virtually any kind of clothing. Her control is so exact that she can precisely duplicate another person's retina pattern in her own eyes, finger, palm and skin-pore patterns on her own hands and skin, and vocal cords to match voices to the point of corresponding voiceprints."
FACE: Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation in Ivory, MAC Blue Pigment
LIPS: MAC Viva Glam I, MAC Russian Red Lipglass
EYES: Darla HD Paint in Yellow, MAC Paint Pot in Pharaoh, Kleancolor Tattoo Liquid Liner in Black
I used foundation and pigment mixed together all over my face, then used more pigment as blush. Since Mystique has completely yellow eyes, no pupils or anything else, I made my eyelid completely solid bright yellow. The liner is meant to represent her shape changing abilities, so it's wispy and free! I used a little bit of black shadow to rough up the liner on the lid a little bit to give the eye more edge.


  1. Looks great dear! :)

    I really like your blog! I'm your new follower!

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  2. Ahh, Mystique is one of my favorite x-men and I love your interpretation of her character. Great look! You should do nightcrawler too :D