Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear to Wear Charity Challenge

Japan has been going through rough times recently. They were hit by incredible forces of nature, killing, wounding, and impoverishing thousands of people. Now their economy has been hit harshly, and people are still struggling with normal life. Funny Face Beauty has decided to host a Dear to Wear Charity Challenge for Japan! For every person who enters a Japanese-inspired look, her family will donate $10 to the Japanese repair efforts! I decided to do my part by creating a unique Japanese-esque look. This is a cross between old-style geisha structure and new, edgy harajuku influences. It almost reminds me of a porcelain doll. ;) Click through to see all the pictures! Oh, and if you want a tutorial on this, let me know! 
Hint: One of my influences was Polpettina of Tokidoki.

Same look, but toned down for everyday wear. Kisses! :)
Side view of charity entry look

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