Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The "Super" Awesome Series!

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news!!
I and Bonnie Krupa over at Foxxy Fashions and Beauty will be creating a series of makeup looks! Every look in the series will be based on a hero or villain. There's a catch though! Every character also has to be a female. There are some strong females out there that need to be recognized!

To kick start the series, I chose Starfire. (Bonnie did Wonder Woman! Go check that out!)

Starfire is an alien from the planet Tarman, which was destroyed. Because of this, she came to Earth and used her abilities to be a superhero. Her real name is Koriand'r, which was her native title of princess on her home planet. Typical of her people, Starfire's skin is orange and her eyes are completely green.

-power of flight
-can learn any language through touching someone
-trained to be a warrior
-incredible strength
-can generate energy blasts ("starbolts") and shoot them from hands or eyes

Sounds pretty B.A. right? ;D Click through for more pictures!


Since Starfire's skin is orange, I used a combo of bronzer and orange pigment all over my face. The second picture is closer to how my face actually looked. The others had flash to show the intensity of the eye color. The eyes were done in all green (obviously!) and I gave the lips a little bit of interstellar shine with MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass in Dare. If you would like a tutorial, please let me know!

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