Monday, May 16, 2011

Fyrinae Haul

I received a package from Fyrinae this weekend! I bought a few colors in a mini size to test them out; I've never used this company before, but I had heard a lot about them. I'm going to say right off the bat that I am super impressed. The eye colors are gorgeous, blush and bronzers are pigmented just enough not to look crazy.
First row L-R: Charm, Matte Light Bronzer, finishing powder / Second row L-R: Candy Coated, Te Amo, Dressed to Kill

I'm going to start off with the blush and bronzer. I also got a finishing powder, but that is completely transparent. The bronzer is called Matte Light. I found that it gives a nice sunny glow but doesn't make me look orange and sparkly. I love it! Charm (blush) is a cool-toned fluorescent pink, no shimmer. It is super bright in the jar, but it blends to a pretty flush.
The eyeshadows are my favorite part of the order! They are absolutely gorgeous! Candy Coated is a burgundy-maroon red with cool dark pink shimmer. It is surprisingly wearable.
Te Amo was included in my order as a free sample. I almost did not swatch it all, because it looks relatively boring in the jar. I put it on wet and dry just to try it, and HOLY CRAP. It is one of the most beautiful colors I've ever seen. It's hard to describe, and even harder to photograph. The base is a light tan-taupe. When applied dry, it looks like a mother-of-pearl duochrome with a tan base. When foiled, it looks like a rainbow, for lack of better explanation: pink, blue, green, purple... gorgeous.
Finally, we have Dressed to Kill. This shade is pretty as well. It is a dark black-green base, with yellow and green shimmer. It almost seems to have another side to it when the light hits it though. Just like the other two shadows, it looks amazing whether applied wet or dry; It's just that wet brings out a whole other side of the color.
Now that you've read the descriptions, here are the swatches:
L-R: Matte Light, Charm, Te Amo, Dressed to Kill, Candy Coated
Top to bottom: Candy Coated, Dressed to Kill, Te Amo

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