Friday, May 13, 2011

OPI + Love and Beauty Nail Look

Hi lovelies! I have had a crazy past few days: running errands, working, etc. One of these errands was getting a harcut. The stylist cut most of my hair off; it is now just at my shoulders. I feel like such a man. :( My hair was down to my lower back before!

But that's enough of my hair woes. Let's talk about today's Nail Look. I love the accent trend that is big right now! I normally paint my ring fingers on each hand a different color just for fun! In a tribute to bright summer colors, I chose OPI's Jewel of India, which is a gorgeous chrome-ish fuschia. It has other colors that flit about when they are hit by light, very pretty. My accent color was Royal by Love and Beauty. This is not a super dark navy; instead, it is a sapphire blue with multicolor sheen. It's honestly one of my all time favorites, and I only paid $2.80 for it.
These colors are beautiful. They only had one problem, and that was their opacity. One or two coats will not cut it with bright colors anyway normally, but I felt like these needed three coats at least to be vibrant.
 In this picture, I put one coat on a nail, then I put three on the next. Holding it up to the light, you can see straight through the one coat nails. Such a huge difference between the two types of swatches!
From Left to Right: 1 coat of Royal, 3 coats of Royal, 1 coat of Jewel, 3 coats of Jewel
But enough about the one complaint I actually have. On to the pictures!
under normal light so you can see sparkle
with flash, to show vibrancy
picture of my nails :)
Overall, I like the colors very much. I would suggest checking into the Love and Beauty polishes since they run for less than $3 full price. The OPI is a pretty color, but I think it would be a little difficult to dupe. It has different colored dimensions that are hard to get on camera.

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