Friday, May 6, 2011

Kawaii Doll Tutorial - Dramatic

This look is from my last post, where I showed you the finished product of my charity entry. Now I'm going to show you how to do a super cute look, one more dramatic and one for everyday wear. The everyday look will be featured in my next post.

Dramatic Kawaii Doll Look

Step 1: Always start off with a good foundation! Use a liquid foundation one or two shades lighter than your actual skintone. Make sure that you cover your lips with it! Set it with transluscent powder, then dust any white shimmery eyeshadow over your cheekbones, temples, and the bridge of your nose. You want to look dewy and lighter skinned, not look like a ghost!
Step 2: Use a fluffy powder blush to dust Darla Paint in HD Violet on your cheeks (like you would blush). Wipe your brush clean, and contour under your cheekbones with MAC pigment in Blue. Blend the colors with a powder brush. Now use Darla paint in HD Pink. Dip your cheek brush into the pink pigment and dot it right on the apples of your cheeks. Blend a little bit, but keep the doll-like aspect of the pink circles.
Step 3: Put Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden all over your eyelids, up to the brow. This will give you a matte, even surface. Next, use Estee Lauder Ivory Box right up underneath your eyebrows to act as a highlighter. Using a flat eyeliner brush, swipe more of the HD Pink onto your eyebrows.
Step 4: Take a sky blue cream shadow (I used MAC Otherworldy paint pot) and put it on the outside 3/4 of your eyelid, up to the white shadow. NYX has an eye pencil in about the same color. Using the MAC Blue again, apply the pigment only up to your eyelid crease where the cream shadow is. Then take Urban Decay Deluxe shadow in Peace and apply from the crease up to the white shadow. Blend.
Step 5: Take the HD Pink, once again, and fill in the corners of your eyes with it. Bring it around your tearduct under your lower lashline. Line your top lashline with Lancome Artliner in Black. Bring the edge out towards the temples to create a thin, straight wing. Using MAC Naked lip liner, draw the outline of a heart on your lips. Fill it in with the lip liner.
Step 6: Apply MAC Saint Germain over the lip liner. Use a darker pink lipstick in the middle of your lips to create depth. (I used MAC Rebel) Blend, but don't touch the actual edges of the heart.

Now you're finished! Enjoy being the cutest thing around. ;D

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