Saturday, March 17, 2012

District 1 - Lush and Luxe

China Glaze released their "Capitol Colours" collection recently. It's based in The Hunger Games, and each nail color represents a different district. I have been a fan of the books for such a long time, so you better believe that I am waiting with baited breath for the movies.
Lush and Luxe is my absolute favorite of the collection, even though it's mean to be used as a top coat. It has a milky base with iridescent flakies. For those of you who may not be onto the flakie trend yet, it just implies that jagged pieces (or flakes) of pretty material are used instead of normal glitter. These flash blue, pink, lilac, and orange in the light. Trust me, it's a showstopper.

The texture of the polish isn't too thick or too thin, so I found it great to work with. I was afraid that the flakies would make the top coat uneven after it dried, but I tried it and didn't see a problem. I paid $7 for this at Ulta, and I actually think I would pay full price again if given the chance. It's unique and the flakie trend is going to be huge!
a swatch on paper to show the shine of the flakies better!

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