Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urban Decay Cream Shadows Review

Let me start of by saying this - I hate cream eyeshadow. Literally. It makes my face look like a grease pit. So I ordered these by Urban Decay with not-so-high hopes. I hadn't tried them, but had heard good things. To be completely honest with you... pretty much all the good things are true with these! Pigmentation is pretty much wonderful. Some of the lighter ones (like Midnight Rodeo) might have to be layered a bit. These stay very, very well. So well that it was a hassle to wash them off my arm (see picture below). I'm sure it wouldn't stain as bad if I had used a primer... Oh well! There's always next time. Check 'em out if you need a good base or straight shadow.
Moonshine, Delinquent, Radium, Grass, Midnight Rodeo, Sphynx
with flash.
with natural light.

my skin hours later after scrubbing to get the swatches off!

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  1. Wow those are pretty, and from the looks of your arm they have some serious staying power too. Nice!