Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Metal Orchestra" Palette Review

 This is my new Metal Orchestra palette by Kat Von D. I have fallen completely in love with it! The colors are gorgeous, and super pigmented, and really velvet-y. I would highly support anyone buying this, especially since it's on sale at Sephora! The colors are (in order):

First Class (shimmery white), Techno (vibrant blue), Thrasher (shimmery dark blue), Dagger (blackened navy with blue shimmer), Lucifer (matte black), Glock (shimmery charcoal), Razor Gray(very light gray), and Slayer (aluminum)
The swatches on my arm have a thin line of primer through the middle of each swatch to show how the shadows look with primer. The shadows definitely need a primer underneath to bring out their full potential.

with flash
without flash.

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