Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tutorial: Kim Kardashian

Guys, this has to be THE easiest look you can do. I'm starting off Halloween looks this year kinda early, and this is a simple one you can do if you happen to be dressing up as the diva herself! To be honest, it's just a normal brown smoky eye... There goes some of the sexpot mystery Kim K. has, right?
1. Prime your eye with a NUDE primer. Almost everything you are using for this look should be matte. I'll explain why later! I used Eden by Urban Decay. Then take Black Dog from the Urban Decay Black palette, or any matte black, and smudge it on your eyelid. It should resemble this:
2. Now highlight your brow bone with a light white shimmer. You want this to be your only shimmer product on this look. When you do that, the light will reflect off the browbone, creating deeper and more intense eyes. Using a matte dark brown, cover the black shadow and slightly above the crease. Blend well. Use dark black eyeliner to line eyes, and false lashes if you wish! Add a nude lip, and off you go!

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