Sunday, August 21, 2011

Urban Decay Glide On Shadow Pencils Review

Hi there guys and dolls! Today's review will be on one of Urban Decay's newest addition to their line of makeup... Shadow pencils! I recently purchased two of them, one in Midnight Cowboy and one in Clash. Here are the pictures and descriptions from the website:

"They’re crease-proof, they’re waterproof… it’s the next generation of 24/7 Pencils! Our Shadow Pencils deliver incredible color payout, but feel lightweight. The new fat shape allows you to cover large areas more quickly. Use the thin tip as eyeliner, or the side of the tip as a generous swipe of eyeshadow. Luscious drop-dead shades make you feel every inch the creative type, as you blend shimmer, cream and sparkle finishes. Skip the powder shadow brushes and water – our pencils make it easier than ever to get vibrant eyeshadow looks on the go. Experiment with multiple shades layered together, then blend away for an unbelievable effect that sets and stays put. All shades are paraffin, mineral oil, and paraben-free."

     So how do they really match up to the company's claims? I'm so glad you asked, but they fit the bill pretty darn well. The actual pencil is fatter than a normal 24/7 eyeliner. Some may not like the chubbiness of it, but if it really bothers you that much... use a brush.
      The colors are beautiful and intense. (Let it be known that I am incredibly picky with my eyeshadows. I refuse to wear this oily, creasing nonsense most companies sell.) I wore each shade to a full day of work with only a thin layer of primer underneath. It stayed all day long without budging. For me, this is a genuine miracle. It's almost as if these are sent by Heaven to the makeup world, to save us from crappy cream shadows. The sparkle is definitely there, but it does not have any fallout for me whatsoever.
     I performed a smudge test on these. I let them dry on my hand and then ran my fingers back and forth to smudge it. NOTHING. These things are practically bulletproof. I finally got some normal soap to see if it would come off without staining. It did, and I took a picture of it halfway off to show how strong it was even with the soap used on it. Below is a swatch of the pencils under normal inside lighting:
Left: Midnight Cowboy, Right: Clash
     However, know right away that the pictures on the website don't exactly show the beauty of the product. I took swatches of the product so that you can see the intensity it has. Also, these swatches do NOT have primer underneath them, and I did not pile up the product to make the color brighter.

with flash to show sparkle.

after using the soap. Midnight Cowboy is hanging on like a beast.

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