Tuesday, August 30, 2011

E.L.F. Studio Line Single Eyeshadows Review

I recently did a very... scathing review on E.L.F.'s eyeshadow palette. I was a little wary to try these studio line ones; however, in the name of exploration, I took on the challenge. E.L.F. recently had a sale for 50% off all of their Studio Line. (The Studio Line is a step up in quality from their normal makeup.) I took full advantage and ordered several items, all of which I will share with you!
     I have the shadows in Charcoal, Wild Wheat, Coffee Bean, Sunset, Amethyst and Sea Blue. They are swatched left to right in that order:
Click through for more swatches and a review!
These are actually pretty pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised, considering I paid $1.50 for each one. They were very easy to blend and did not stain at all when I wore them to work. I recently did a wedding where I used Wild Wheat on the bride and we did not have to touch it up at all throught the wedding ceremonies. On someone who was oily eyes like I do, a primer is going to help the endurance of the shadow, but that's with just about any shadow for me.
Left to Right: Sunset, Amethyst, Sea Blue
These were the more colorful shadows of the ones I tried. Sunset and Sea Blue are both from E.L.F.'s new colors for Summer 2011. Sunset is a beautiful coral-peach. I normally avoid coral like the plague on my eyes. It makes me look like I have contracted some sort of disease. However, this was surprisingly wearable due to the fact that the pink tones in it are not so strong. Amethyst is more of a smoky plum than a true purple. I think it would be gorgeous in a smoky eye. Sea Blue is my absolute favorite of the group. It is a cross between a true blue and french blue depending on the light. I will probably run around the city smearing this across random people's faces for the heck of it.
Charcoal, Wild Wheat, Coffee Bean
The last three of the set are more neutral. I might use them on clients, but I have Urban Decay shadows similar to these that I like better. That's not to say that these are bad. I think they're actually pretty good! It's just that all 6 shadows are more matte than shimmer. I like to have some bling wherever possible!

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