Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Color Tutorial

Today I wanted to liven things up a bit! I recently bought a few new makeup items that I incorporated into today's look. First off was a MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass in Dare to Dare. I bought it from a CCO in Athens. Also, the long-awaited NAKED palette and a shadow stick in Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay! I have to say, the noise that I heard about the palette was true. I'm in love, and normally I get crazy with my colors. So that really says something. Anyways, here's a little taste of the look:
a more vibrant version of the look.

Okay class! Today we are going to have a tutorial! :D Remember, I try to make tutorials universal. Sometimes a color by a specific brand may not work on you if it does on me, and vice versa. Try out different variations of blue if you are uncomfortable with one that I use. But overall, just remember to have fun with it! Never say no to a makeup look you haven't tried yet.

1. Apply foundation and concealer (if needed) all over face using a stippling brush. I use Mary Kay Medium Foundation in 204 Ivory. Apply powder all over as needed. (PROTIP: Even if you use powder in a compact, don't use the little circular puff. :) It's okay for touch-ups when you're out, but I've found that using an actual powder brush keeps you from looking cake-y.)
2. Pick out your favorite blush or bronzer. I used Fetish by Urban Decay. Pick one that will really make your skin glow! For warmer skintones, a peach will brighten you up in a heartbeat. If you are darker, avoid frosty tones in summer. They can look overdone and kind of strange.
3. Apply Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Shadow Stick all over lid and a little over the crease. Blend outer edges.
4. This step uses the Urban Decay Naked palette. I will bold the individual names of the shadows I use! Pat a light brown onto the lid (Naked) and then a darker brown (Hustle) in the crease and blend above the crease as well. Use a shimmery black directly in the crease, such as Creep. For those of you who don't have the Naked palette, E.L.F. makes almost an exact duplicate with one of their Beauty Encyclopedias.
5. Use a bright turquoise in the inside corners to brighten your eyes. I used Peace by Urban Decay.
6. Finally, apply a sheer fuchsia gloss to the lips for a very now, summer-y vibe! I used Dare to Dare lipglass by MAC, but NYX and HiP both make great dupes.
Now go out and flash those gorgeous faces to the world! No one is going to realize what hit them until it's too late. ;D
a more toned down version for those of you who are afraid of color!

outfit of the day! <3

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