Sunday, August 21, 2011

E.L.F. Beauty School Volume 2 Review

Be prepared for a teeny tiny rant.    :|

E.L.F. has some great makeup, and I feel like their brushes compare to much more expensive brands. However, I think their eyeshadow needs to be taken out back and put down cold-heartedly.
Yeah, I said it.
from the E.L.F. website
I will say that their shadow palette looks gorgeous at first glance. The colors are so vivid and my fingers start getting all twitchy around shimmery things. I have to touch them and put them on people's faces! It's a gift and a curse I suppose. Anyways, The colors are pigmented very well when swatched on the eye at first. I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and then two shades from this palette, a green and a black. It made a gorgeous smoky eye!
     Cue the clock to four hours later. My eyes looked like A HOT MESS. I've never had makeup melt off my face with such ferocity, especially with a primer underneath it! What are these shadows made out of, crumbled up pieces of chalk?

Don't believe how bad it was? Look at this.
I literally look like my eyelids have a disease. Not sexy.


  1. Lol great review, I won't be buying that! I'm new to blogging and looking for friends, check out my page :-)

  2. oh my my, i guess most of the time, quality comes with a price, i've had the same problem with a lot of cheapie shadows, it looks like oil stuck in my crease!:( sorry about your bad exp darl!