Thursday, December 1, 2011

MAC Dazzlesphere! Plum Ornament Review

This is one of the MAC Glitter and Ice 2011 Holiday Collection Dazzlespheres. It contains 4 different pigments in interlocking containers. The pigments weigh 12 grams all together, and the set costs $32. I'll get some swatches to post within the next few days. Right off the top, please remember that this collection is called the "Glitter and Ice" collection for a reason. The pigments are metallic and sparkly. They aren't too outrageous, but they are gorgeous enough to make an impact. I found that the two darker colors had a better wear time than the lighter two, and always remember to wear a primer with pigments!
Left top: Misty / Left Bottom: Seasonal Cool / Right Top: Light Violet / Right Bottom: Grape
with flash to show sparkle of pigments

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