Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Healthy Holiday Foods

This season, it can be super easy to let all restrictions fly out the window and eat anything and EVERYTHING. :) I can be guilty of it too guys! I thought it might be helpful to post a few foods to keep an eye out for at holiday parties. These are delicious, as well as good for you! Don't let a few parties wreck your complexion.

The obvious choices include nuts, fruit, and reduced-fat cheeses. But being good doesn't mean you have to give up meat. Chilled shrimp is great for you, as is white meat poultry.
  • Like stuffing? Try wild rice made with chicken broth
  • Like mashed potatoes? Try baked sweet potatoes
  • Like pecan pie? Try pumpkin pie
  • Like eggnog? No problem. Just grab the low fat version!
  • Like lasagna? Just switch out the meat for vegetables and use low fat cheese and skip cream.
  • Just use common sense. It doesn't hurt to splurge a little bit! Mostly, just stay away from alcohol and concentrated sweets. Also, if you're doing the cooking, use light oils like olive oil.
Foods to avoid at ALL COSTS: cheese straws, swedish meatballs, creamed spinach, pot roast, fruitcake, cranberry sauce, candied yams, yorkshire pudding

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  1. Well as good as it is to know what to eat to stay trim i'm gonna be honest im gonna stuff my face this christmas hehe. I think i burn it off at work really and im vegetarian anyway but alcohol is my vice!

  2. I eat alot during the holidays! I just have really bad skin problems, so I was doing research on things that make you break out. :P