Monday, June 13, 2011

Super Awesome Series - Lady Deadpool

Today's super-female is...
Lady Deadpool is intensely bada**. That's all there is to it. She exists in a separate reality from ours that actually runs parallel to this universe. Out of a need to belong and feel wanted, she joined the side of a group of rebels fighting against loyalists in the United States. (There is a war going on similar to the Revolutionary, but in their modern times) Her real name is Wanda, and she possesses incredible willpower. Her talents do not stem from supernatural sources. She's actually a bit of a lunatic... Wanda begins to start her Marvel adventures after her cable television is taken away. But hey, the world is cruel... That's how us real women have to be. ;D Her abilities include:
-Regeneration of Body Tissues: Similar to Wolverine, she heals very quickly.
-Superhuman Stamina, Reflexes, and Agility - Wanda can push her body beyond normal physical exertion.
-Telepathic Immunity: This is the one that is not explained. It could be that she has trained her mind, or that it's unexplainable.
-Foreign Substance Resistance: It is possible for her to become intoxicated or poisoned, but only after a very large quantity.
-Disease Immunity: This is just an extension of her amazing health. It reaches into her immune system and strengthens it.
If you couldn't tell by the introduction, this girl is FRAY-ZEE. In the comics, they literally portray Lady Deadpool as being insane. So the look is smoky and asymmetrical, kind of like her mind. :)
I added red lipstick in MAC Viva Glam 1 to sex up the look a bit, as well as putting my hair up in Deadpool's signature bouncy pony tail! My face, I didn't use much on, but I did dust a bit of white pigment over it to mimic her skintone. (Lady Deadpool does not go outside. ever. unless it totally necessary.)

For the eyes, I used MAC Paint in Flammable. However, you could easily use any red base or eyeshadow. I also used Urban Decay's Oil Slick and a Wet 'n Wild color from the Lust palette that mimics "Beauty Marked" by MAC.
As crazy as this look is, tone it down and it could be an awesome look for a night on the town. Put on foundation normally, use the red and black to make a tame smoky eye. Apply your vampy red lips, and you have a hot night out. ;D

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