Monday, June 13, 2011

Sinful Colors "Adventure Island" Collection - Part Duex

Okay, so I couldn't help myself. I was so excited about yesterday's awesome nail polishes that I went to Rite-Aid today and picked up the other colors in the collection. I like some of them, but there's one that I legitimately dislike...


The three colors I picked up are:
-Seaweed: Let's get started with the one I didn't like first. This looks like a muted light gray in the bottle, and I actually really liked the way it looked. But when I put it on, I realized where the name "Seaweed" came from. On my nails, this color has a strange green tint to it. I do not like it. AT ALL. This is an exact dupe for OPI's Stranger Tides. If you like the OPI version, you might like this one. However, I am definitely not feeling it.
-Easy Going: This was a winner! It is a light baby pink, but it does not look princess-unicorn-cotton candyish at all. I really like the finish and uniqueness of the shade. I found that it can be a little bit streaky, as most white or light polishes normally are. However, if you apply two thin coats, your nails should be perfection with this color. I really wanted to try OPI's Steady As She Rose, but this is literally the exact same thing. Perfect dupe.
-Rise and Shine: I feel like this might be one of the most unique colors from the collection. It has the same sorbet-like finish of the others, but it is not a dupe of the OPI: Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I have a feeling that it was probably just thrown in by the company for good measure. However, this shade is a bit difficult to capture on camera. It is gorgeous! In the swatch picture, it looks like a neon kelly green. In real life, it does stick to the neon kelly green base, but it also has nuances of teal. Perfect for summer!
In fluorescent lighting. Color is a little bit washed out.
From Left to Right: Seaweed, Easy Going, and Rise and Shine. (The pink looks so washed out in this picture for some reason! It has a better cool pink base in real life.)
 Now that we have been through the whole collection, I would like to thank my loyal readers. I am curious as to how many people actually read my posts, and how many joined for free stuff. Consider this a "super secret surprise" giveaway! Comment on this post with your favorite color of nail polish! It can be any brand, and released at any time. I will use a random generator to pick a winner and you will receive one of the polishes from the Adventure Island collection, YOUR CHOICE. This little mini-freebie will hold you over until the big giveaway ends. :)


  1. Thanks for the swatches...I have most of the ones from the POTC collection, but I really like Rise and Shine!

  2. i like toplees and barefoot-essie :)

  3. I stumbled across your blog while googling "Island Adventure" swatches. My favorite nailpolish is Dorothy Who? by China Glaze. Thanks!

  4. Omg i love these color, i have them and i wear them so much, great blog btw, please check out mine and follow

  5. Awww yes, I have been waiting to see someone swatch this collection but what I can't find is if sinful colors made dupes of OPI's shrek collection. I really want to know so I dont go out spending 30 bucks went I could spend like 10. My favorite is China Glaze's For Audrey or Essies Turquoise and Caicos