Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sinful Colors "Adventure Island" Collection

Today on my way home from work, I stopped at Rite-Aid to pick up a few essentials. Walking by the oh-so-tempting makeup aisle, my little eyes spotted something too good to resist. The pastel, sorbet finishes of Sinful Colors' new "Adventure Island" line.

Yes, I do realize that it is a shameful rip-off of OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection. However, Sinful Colors has a nice little price tag of approximately $2 a bottle. WINNER! (<---yeah, that's me.)
Left to Right: Beautiful Girl, Open Seas, Star Fish, and Verbena 

Read on for descriptions and swatches!
-Beautiful Girl: This one is a pretty bright pink! It has a tiny bit of coral in it on my skintone, and it could be a great summer color. I don't think it is a dupe for OPI, but it does remind me of one that I can't remember the name of... Dupe or not, this is very pretty.
-Verbena: a dupe for OPI's Planks A Lot; Super opaque with one coat, once again, the pictures show two out of habit. Verbena is a bright-pastel (is that's possible) purple. I can never pull of purple with my nails, but this looks incredibly wearable.
-Star Fish: This is the color dupe of Sparrow Me the Drama. I really like it as a more neutral color on me. On others, it would run more blue-pink. Either way, it's understated pink could go with just about anything.
very vibrant; two coats of each color. Lto R: Star Fish, Beautiful Girl, Open Seas, Verbena
underneath the crappy fluorescent lights to check tint. I think in an inside setting, you get more of the dusky color.
Overall, I am happy with these polishes. I can't stop looking at my multi-color, makeshift manicure! (Take that, alliteration!) Sinful Colors hasn't particularly made me happy in the past, but this collection has done wonders for my viewpoint on the company. I will definitely be running to Rite-Aid soon to pick up as many other colors as I can in this collection.

So have any of you tried these? Or have you tried the OPI collection? What did you think of the two?


  1. Wow soo pretty colors!
    The pink is so beautiful! Like it so much!

  2. These are so the new line!