Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beyond the Zone Hair Dye Review

I recently decided that my hair needed... something. But I couldn't figure out what! My friend Melanie is a hairstylist, and is soooo talented! She cut my hair and then I decided to put pink in it. Harmless enough right?

I went to Sally's because I thought their products would be a little more professional than normal Hot Topic hair colors. I picked up "Beyond the Zone" Hair Dye in Bubble Head Pink. Now it's supposed to be this hot candy pink! ...My hair is almost fading to this strawberry orange color. I dyed it four days ago. :/

I hate this dye. I hate this dye. I hate this dye.
I have naturally dark hair, so I had to pre-lighten it with 30-vol Manic Panic lightener. It did the trick! Then it was time to apply the color. The formula is thick and not runny, which is a plus. The package says to leave the formula on for 20-25 minutes. I left it on for 30 just to make sure it would be super pink. It STILL sucked.

pre-haircut. The pink is faded and looks horrible.
Anyways, I am not going to rant about this one anymore. Just know that I will not be buying this brand EVER again and I really hope that you don't have the unfortunate event of trying it.

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  1. I can't speak for their hair dye, but I have a red glaze from them, that I use once a week, and it helps my hair keep the vibrate red shade I dye it. It also helps me stretch out dye jobs. I'm sorry this dye didn't work for you. I like using manic panic when dying crazy colors because you can leave this in as long as you like without damaging the hair because it's a vegan product. So there's no harsh chemicals in it.