Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kleancolor and Merle Norman Liquid Eyeliner Review

    I recently got two new liquid eyeliners! Since eyeliner is somewhat of a closet addiction for me, I have gone through MANY liners... the good and the bad! This being said, I don't claim to know everything about them, but I can spot a bad one from a mile away! (raccoon eyes are not sexy. ever.)
     Anyway, I just received Kleancolor Tattoo Eye Liquid Eyeliner from a swap. Obviously, mine was free, but you can find it online for anywhere from $1 to $5. It's a plain black formula, almost like the old school pin-up eyeliner. There is no sparkle or shimmer to it, and I like that. It's hard to find a plain black liquid eyeliner now, unless you want to go to MAC or somewhere simliar.
a picture of the kleancolor eyeliner bottle
swatch of the liner on  my hand

I am pretty much head over heels for this one! I am going to have to wear it all day to test it out, but the color is really even. It's not too thick and goopy or too thin where you can see through it. The liner dried very, very quickly. After it sat on my hand for a few minutes, I rubbed at the line to see if it would budge. It wouldn't even move. No smudges, nothing rubbed off. (I'll put a picture later in the post so you can see it.)
     Next is the Merle Norman Luxiva Eye Ink in Rainfall. It was a bit more expensive. I'm not sure how much they go for exactly in the store, but I paid $15 for mine offline. Rainfall is a gorgeous color: almost a mix between french blue and cobalt blue. Two thumbs up for the bright shade! However, I found that I had to go over the line on my swatch two times to get a really vivid color. 
picture of the Luxiva bottle
swatch of Rainfall, bottom line.
     So far, it's turned out to be a great liner. Then I did the smudge test on it... HUGE mistake. The liner was set and dry, but it still smudged and bled into a little blue cloud on my hand. Here is the afore-mentioned picture of the smudge test:
     Some of the Rainfall eye ink did stay on, but imagine what this would look like on your eyes... yikes! Overall, I am happy with the two liners. The Kleancolor is awesome, and I definitely feel like I should look into more colors from that line. The Merle Norman is not what I expected it to be, but I'll have to wear it around the house cleaning to test out how badly it smudges. Have you ever used any liners from these companies? Tell us about it! (The products in this interview were obtained by personal means and these are my own opinions.)

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