Friday, April 29, 2011

Urban Decay Preen Palette

I have a thing for peacocks, so when I saw this on sale for $15 on the Urban Decay website, you better believe I snatched it up!

The colors in this palette are super gorgeous for any color eyes. Everyone that I have used this on looked great!
-The first color is Snatch. This one is the love child of Urban Decay X and Midnight Cowboy. It has that chunky glitter texture, but in gold. The shadow is essentially a peachy golden nude with  gold glitter.
-Mildew is a beautiful olive-slash-hunter green. It's a personal favortite for dark eyes.
-Flash is a bright fuschia purple. It is super bright, but doesn't have as much shimmer as the others.
-The shimmery sky blue is called Painkiller. It can be sheer or built up for more color.
-Smog is an Urban Decay essential when it comes to palettes. It is a deep golden-bronze.
-Toasted is a light metallic taupe. Lighter than Somg, but definitely useful for tanned looks.
These colors are super shiny and bright. It goes without saying that Urban Decay has awesome quality. This is a great palette for summer as well. It comes with its own 24/7 eyeliner in Zero and an Urban Decay Primer Potion, which is what I use every day.

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