Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleek iDivine Acid Palette

I received this palette in a swap, and instantly fell in love. Sleek is a brand that isn't readily available in the USA yet, so I enjoyed this little treat. The mineral-based eyeshadows in the Acid palette are smooth and super pigmented! I was wayyy surprised. The neons are actually neon, imagine that! There are about half matte shadows and half shimmer. Here is what the actual palette looks like:
and with flash:
After swatching the gorgeous colors, I am incredibly impressed. I did not use a primer on my arm before swatching, but the colors are still intense. Even the matte neons are relatively bright without a base. I have a feeling that paired with a base, the colors would be intense enough to catch a few stares... in the best way. ;D Also, the palette is an awesome value, at about $10 per palette. For this quality, I'm definitely going to look into grabbing a few palettes in the future.  
The colors are very spring-y. Here is the whole set of colors, under flash (washed them out a bit, I'm afraid.)


  1. I was just looking at this the other day because some one had recommended Sleek to me. I had never heard of them. And this pallet in particular caught my eye, after seeing it here i think i'm going to get it now!

  2. I definitely recommend it! I was impressed with the brightness of the colors. There are a few palettes on that site that are calling my name haha! What are your go to companies for bright colors?

  3. How did you get your hands on one of these babies?? Cause I know Sleek doesn't ship to the US!

    1. They don't unfortunately. But I've wanted to try them for so long, so I arranged a trade with a fellow blogger who lives in the UK!

    2. ohhhhh okay! well I'm totally jealous you got one! lol