Monday, February 13, 2012

MAC Kissable Lipcolours

Note: These are limited edition, so if you want to get them.. hurry!

MAC has released several kissable lipcolours with their "Shop MAC" collection. They're $19 a piece, which is a bit steep, but the product is very different from other lip products. It actually reminds me more of the NYX Lip Cremes than anything else.
Let me just go ahead and say that the packaging for this collection is beyond adorable! The lipcolours were released as part of another collection a while back, but the tube was re-designed for this one. I believe the formula remained the same. These have the color of a lipstick with the application of a gloss. The name doesn't lie! These babies are pretty strong! They last a few hours without major eating or drinking.
Enchantee, So Vain, and Woo Me
Enchantee and Woo Me are from this collection, and So Vain is from the past one, though it was also re-promoted. This is just to show the difference in the tubes. On to the swatches!
Enchantee, So Vain, and Woo Me
Enchantee is a bluish light pink very similar to Viva Glam Gaga I. It's coverage is only semi-opaque, but it literally is my "lip color but better" product.
So Vain is a surprisingly wearable coral. Once on the lips, it's not as dramatic as the tube looks. 
Woo Me is a peachy nude. It's pretty, but I can see some of the lighter skin tones not liking this one. It washes me out. I'll definitely have to pair it with something.

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